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Together as owners of La Terra Ventures Inc. we bring over 50 years of experience to the industry.  With experience in real estate sales and corporate ownership, we feel that we bring the knowledge, stability, and strength that is critical for a successful corporate structure.  We have learned in our business that one of the keys to success is to listen to our clients so that we know how to exceed their expectations.  With strong Albertan roots and years of experience our team will stand out in the industry.


La Terra Ventures secures and purchases parcels of raw land in the path of potential future development.  For clients, the process begins by purchasing portions of a specific parcel of land from La Terra Ventures, after which they receive a land title.  In the event that the land is sold following a required approval from the landowners, owners receive equal profits based on the size of their original purchase, distributed by a designated real estate attorney.

 For specific details please contact La Terra Ventures and review our project brochures as they become available.


Strength & Focus

Our primary focus is to provide our clients with premier real estate opportunities.  Our strength stems from years of experience in the industry.  By paying attention to the long and short term economic conditions we are able to adapt to suit our surroundings.  By taking the time to research and secure our lands, we feel our product is a testament to our corporate strength and focus.   

Corporate & Social Responsibility

Our experience and commitment goes beyond the day to day corporate boundaries.  We have a strong commitment to our communities and are proud to follow the path outlined in our Mission Statement.  At La Terra Ventures we are moving forward with the vision of a corporation that will not only help to improve people's lives financially, but will affect lives in all aspects.  We feel that La Terra Ventures will become a household name throughout Canada and reflect the ideal image of a well rounded corporation. 

Mission Statement

La Terra Ventures Inc. will uphold the highest degree of ethics, integrity and accountability while being a premiere provider of real estate opportunities. Our vision is to influence and improve lifestyles through real estate opportunities while contributing positively to our communities and corporate culture


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